Milton Corporation Limited was incorporated in New South Wales on 11th November 1938 under the name Milton Investments Pty Limited. In 1950, it became a public company and the name was changed to Milton Investments Limited. Milton was granted official listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (then Sydney Stock Exchange Limited) in 1958 when the capital of the company was £80,000 (Approx $130,000). In 1969, the name was changed to Milton Corporation Limited.  

After being granted Official Quotation on the ASX, Milton commenced a deliberate programme of quietly expanding its share investment activities as well as its mortgage lending and property investment activities.

In 1988, Milton established the Milton Corporation Foundation to mark its jubilee year. The Milton Corporation Foundation supports charitable organisations, particularly those which direct assistance to persons that are disadvantaged in the community.  

Milton’s capital has increased through a combination of bonus issues, rights issues, share purchase plans, dividend reinvestment plans and scrip for scrip acquisitions. These acquisitions included two large listed investment companies being Cambooya Investments Limited in 2001 and Choiseul Investments Limited in 2010. Since 2002, Milton has also acquired 23 unlisted family investment companies. 

In January 2014, Milton introduced the Dividend Reinvestment Plan for eligible shareholders who wish to reinvest all or part of their dividends into new Milton shares free of brokerage.