MILTON invests its own funds in a diversified portfolio of investments which is managed internally by its directors and executives. This internal management structure helps to keep costs low.  



MILTON HISTORY. Milton has been an investment company since 1938 and it became a LIC when it listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1958. Milton is currently listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and it trades under the Code: MLT. 

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DIVIDEND HISTORY. The following graph shows the growth in Milton’s dividend since the company was listed in 1958. It assumes 1,000 shares were purchased for £1,000 in 1958 and dividends have NOT been reinvested and there has been no further shares purchased. Through the sub-division of shares on the introduction of decimal currency and bonus share issues, the number of shares on issue would have increased to 5,706. The annual dividend increased from $160 in 1959 to $5,307 in 2016.